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Peter Grant - McDonough, Maple Syrup and Christmas Trees

Peter Grant is a man of many talents. Having been with us at McDonough Canada since our launch in 2017, Peter is the painter responsible for applying the trademark McDonough yellow and green to our equipment. One of Peter’s greatest strengths is his versatility; in addition to painting, he can operate every machine in our shop, and works on the assembly of our equipment before helping load it onto the truck and sending it out the door. Enjoying variety in his work, Peter embraces and enjoys the new challenges that he faces each day.

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Mel's Story

Mel's Story: Elmsdale Lumber's commitment to lifelong learning

It doesn’t take long when speaking with anyone at Elmsdale Lumber Company (ELCO) or browsing their website to learn that one of the foundational principles at ELCO is their commitment to the lifelong learning of their employees. McDonough is fortunate enough to have kickstarted various projects with ELCO recently, and through our conversations over the last number of months, we began to hear about something called ‘Mel’s Story’.

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Introducing the Sterling YieldBoss Hybrid Edger by McDonough

The Sterling YieldBoss Hybrid Edger System is a revolutionary new approach to edging that combines the benefits of optimized saw placement with the simplicity of a manual edger system. An affordable system in a whole new class of edgers created by McDonough, a Sterling YieldBoss Hybrid Edger fits in the space between our line of McDonough fully optimized edgers that return the highest yields, and manual edgers that leave everything up to your operator.

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McDonough Blog guest spot: Ray Tharpe of RTM Industrial Maintenance

The driving force behind McDonough is our team – the folks in the shop and offices every day who have made it possible to produce high-quality machinery for over 130 years. Right alongside us throughout our success are the industry partners who help with our equipment installations and service calls all over the continent and world. Chief among these valued colleagues is Ray Tharpe of RTM Industrial Maintenance (RTM), who we have worked with in one capacity or another for almost 20 years.

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