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AJD Project
AJD Forest Products

In August 2020, a new McDonough Four Saw Optimized Linear Edger system was installed and began operation at AJD Forest Products in Grayling, Michigan. This machine system is designed to handle a piece count of up to 35 pieces per minute and utilizes a single zone scanning system. Learn more.

Gregory Lumber-3
Gregory Lumber

In the fall of 2019, McDonough Canada shipped a high-speed linear edger with a reman head to repeat customer Gregory Lumber Inc., a Southern yellow pine mill in Virginia. Learn more.

Norton Lumber
Norton Lumber

In July 2020, our McDonough shop in Eau Claire, Wisconsin started delivery on a large shipment for Norton Lumber in Spooner, Wisconsin. Learn more.

Freedom Edger Infeed
Gutchess Lumber

McDonough recently supplied Gutchess Lumber in Freedom, NY with an optimized linear edger system to go along with previously installed McDonough carriages and headrigs, a 6' linebar resaw, a 62" horizontal resaw and an existing linear edger. Learn more.