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Equipment Showcase

Double cut band mill and carriage

From 54” to 8’, and trusted features like their exclusive Air Strain system, cartridge-type pressure guides, cast iron wheels, hydraulic wheel lifts, saw cleaning and lubrication and Timken railroad car bearings, McDonough has built a reputation as the ‘band mill company’ in the lumber industry.

OptiFit Linear Edger

Designed to fit in every hardwood sawmill in the country, the McDonough OptiFit Linear Board Edger maximizes yield without having to expand your sawmill.  This board edger system will handle everything your carriage and resaw can throw at it and provide your sawmill with huge gains in yield and profitability.

Horizontal Resaw

The name McDonough is synonymous with band resaws and headrigs for the lumber industry. McDonough has a complete line of resaw choices and options including Linebar Resaws, Center Split Resaws, Twins, Quad and Horizontal Resaws, as well as a complete line of high speed infeeds, computerized setworks and operator cabs to fit your product and production needs. From design, engineering, manufacturing and installation, the professionals at McDonough are the choice for all your resaw needs.

Optimized Linear Edger

McDonough has established itself as the industry leader in the optimized board edger market with all the unique design features of our linear board edger systems.  Field experience and customer consultation that is combined with careful engineering ensure our board edger is the most accurate and easiest to maintain board edger on the market.

Linebar Resaw

The first Linebar was designed and built by McDonough in the 1890s. Today, McDonough has made the Linebar the ideal Resaw to increase production, grade and yield.

McDonough Manufacturing Brand Anthem

Make sure that whatever you do in your life, never forget your 'why'. Our 'why' has been the same since 1888.