McDONOUGH Board Edgers

McDonough's complete line of board edgers ranges from some of the fastest optimized edger systems in the world to manual edgers and combination edgers for smaller sawmills everywhere.  Our OptiFit linear edger has become the most popular edger system for modern hardwood sawmills based on it's ability to deliver exceptional yield, short payback and long term durability based on our proven linear edger sawbox.

McDonough OptiFit Linear Edger

OptiFit Linear Board Edger

Designed to fit in your sawmill and recover the most lumber out of every flitch your resaw and carriage can throw at it, the OptiFit Linear Edger....

Optimized Linear Edger Systems

Optimized Linear Board Edger

McDonough has established itself as the industry leader in the optimized edger market with all the unique design features of our linear edger systems. Field experience and custome....

A Series Band Mills

Optimized Transverse Board Edger

Available as a dedicated board edger or gang. This machine can also be configured to handle both boards and cants to maximize the return on your investment in optimization and mac....

McDonough Combination Edger

Manual and Combination Edgers

Our complete line of 2 and 3 saw manual edgers are available as stand-alone machines or in combination with a gang cluster for increased efficiency.

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