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McDonough Blog

Sue Tietz UWEC BluGold Spirit Award

Sue Tietz returns to her UWEC roots as newest award recipient

Recently in Eau Claire, our President/CEO, Sue Tietz, returned to her university roots sitting on the back of a Mustang and wearing the familiar blue and yellow E sweater, which happened to be her husband Roger’s 1969 baseball letter sweater. While she has returned many times since her graduation in 1971 for events, honors and awards, this time she returned as the 2022 Blugold Spirit Award winner and Homecoming Parade Marshall. The Blugold Spirit Award recognizes an alumna or alumnus who has “demonstrated a true commitment to and abiding love for the campus”.

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Sue Tietz McDonough Vault

Straight from the vault

The phrase ‘in the vault’ holds some extra meaning for the folks at McDonough. At our headquarters in Eau Claire, a prized piece of history still holds a place of importance after nearly a century – the original McDonough vault door.

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Chad Connors - entertainer, 'beer guy', and engineer

The personality that keeps the Mactaquac shop on its toes, Chad Connors is equal parts engineer and entertainer. He’s the guy most likely to show up to work with a new moustache, his Mr. Rogers or Elton John t-shirt, or purchase a salt-firing air gun to terminate houseflies. He’s also an integral part of the work we do and getting it into the customers’ mill.

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McDonough - four generations of family

At the beginning of the 19th century, the westward movement of the Pioneers increased the population of Wisconsin and accelerated the demand for lumber to construct homes and other buildings. With an abundance of trees, and rivers for transporting logs, Eau Claire became an ideal location for sawmills. To meet the demands of the lumber industry, and to provide the necessary equipment that had been lacking up until that point, McDonough Manufacturing was born. Founded in 1888 by Frank McDonough Sr., Emmet Horan and Peter John Holm, the trio described their mission as ‘McDonough Sawing Machinery – rapid production, design, durability, strength, simplicity and highest standard of efficiency’.

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Elmsdale Edger

Elmsdale Lumber - three phased mill modernization

Elmsdale Lumber Company has engaged McDonough Manufacturing for what will be a complete sawmill modernization over the summers of 2022 and 2023. This project will see upgrades to both primary and secondary sawing systems designed to increase both capacity and more importantly yield. The utilization of some of the most modern optimization systems available will ensure that all of the new sawing machinery will yield the highest possible volumes of quality lumber from every piece processed.

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McDonough Band Mill Wheels

When should I grind my band mill wheels?

We're often asked, “When should I grind my wheels?” While there is no clear cut answer, a general rule of thumb is once every two to three years if you are running a single shift or .005” wear. Some mills do it once a year and some do it once every five years. You don’t want to find yourself fighting filing room problems and find out your wheels are not flat.

To check your wheels, place a machined straight edge across the face of the wheel. Make sure you insert a feeler gauge between the wheel and the straight edge to get an exact measurement. A little light can be very deceiving when trying to estimate wear on a wheel, so we recommend using a feeler gauge. To ensure your straight edge is accurate, rotate the straight edge 180 degrees and remeasure. If the gap is more than .005”, it is time to call McDonough to assist you in grinding your wheels.

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