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McDonough Band Mill Wheels

When should I grind my band mill wheels?

We're often asked, “When should I grind my wheels?” While there is no clear cut answer, a general rule of thumb is once every two to three years if you are running a single shift or .005” wear. Some mills do it once a year and some do it once every five years. You don’t want to find yourself fighting filing room problems and find out your wheels are not flat.

To check your wheels, place a machined straight edge across the face of the wheel. Make sure you insert a feeler gauge between the wheel and the straight edge to get an exact measurement. A little light can be very deceiving when trying to estimate wear on a wheel, so we recommend using a feeler gauge. To ensure your straight edge is accurate, rotate the straight edge 180 degrees and remeasure. If the gap is more than .005”, it is time to call McDonough to assist you in grinding your wheels.

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McDonough Resaw

McDonough AutoMAXX resaw

McDonough has recently begun work on a new AutoMAXX resaw system, a revolutionary machine that re-imagines what a resaw can do. The AutoMAXX system combines physical controls with a visual operator interface, high-quality digital imaging and optimization to maximize yield of grade and input.

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McDonough Carriages

Precision and Premium Duty 36-inch, 42-inch and 48-inch Opening Carriages

McDonough Carriages are designed with accuracy and ease of maintenance in mind with state-of-the-art features you will only find on a McDonough. Standard Sizes: 36", 42", and 48" openings with custom sizes available. Precision Duty starts from 12,000 pounds and Premium Duty from 20,000 pounds. Both Premium and Precision Duty Carriages share the same features, other than the Premium being a heavier carriage.

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Custom edger, reman and resaw systems

McDonough Canada is completing work on an edger and reman unit project for a customer, ready to ship this month. Consisting of three custom edgers and a reman unit, the edgers are smaller than our standard edgers and are capable of handling much shorter pieces. With over 60 edger systems under our belts, McDonough can provide you with the edger you need to meet your goals and fit in your space. 

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Peter Grant - McDonough, Maple Syrup and Christmas Trees

Peter Grant is a man of many talents. Having been with us at McDonough Canada since our launch in 2017, Peter is the painter responsible for applying the trademark McDonough yellow and green to our equipment. One of Peter’s greatest strengths is his versatility; in addition to painting, he can operate every machine in our shop, and works on the assembly of our equipment before helping load it onto the truck and sending it out the door. Enjoying variety in his work, Peter embraces and enjoys the new challenges that he faces each day.

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