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New River Hardwoods installs a McDonough OptiFit Edger System

McDonough recently installed a 3-saw OptiFit Edger at New River Hardwoods. The system was purchased to replace a much smaller manual edger that had been in operation in their Tennessee mill.

Tyler King of New River Hardwoods says that as a result of the upgrade, they ‘have significantly improved mill uptime and created a much better work environment for our Operator."

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The McDonough OptiFit is designed to fit into your existing mill without the need for expansion and provides customers with gains in yield and profitability. A single board is loaded from the accumulation table onto the edger scanning conveyer/infeed belt. The piece travels toward the edger to be scanned, and a solution is generated for optimal cut while the piece is still moving toward the edger. The optimizer determines a solution, the saws are set, and the piece enters the machine at full speed, ready to be cut.

The OptiFit features a low maintenance collared saw design, with electric servo actuators for increased speed, accuracy, and reduced operation cost. The gear-belt drive comes with reduced maintenance, and the available de-tuned hardwood knurl gives precise control without damaging lumber.

Available in 2, 3 or 4-saw configurations, and easily fed from the left, right or both sides.

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