Sterling YieldBoss

Hybrid Edger

by McDonough

Sterling YieldBoss Hybrid Edger by the industry experts at McDonough

The Sterling YieldBoss Hybrid Edger System is a revolutionary new approach to edging that combines the benefits of optimized saw placement with the simplicity of a manual edger system.

A whole new class of edger created by McDonough, a Sterling YieldBoss Hybrid Edger fits in the space between our line of McDonough fully optimized edgers that return the highest yields, and manual edgers that leave everything up to your operator. Based on years of edger product development and site testing, a Hybrid Edger will deliver performance expected to best many optimized transverse edger systems and be even better than many edgers that claim to be optimized, but in reality are not. It is also designed to provide those benefits in the footprint of a typical manual edger system common in sawmills everywhere.

Starting at $517,000, get in touch today to learn how the Sterling YieldBoss can work in your mill.

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YieldBoss Edger System Front 7-2-2021
YieldBoss Edger System #2 7-2-2021
YieldBoss Edger System 7-2-2021
YieldBoss Edger System #3 7-2-2021
“McDonough has always been customer focused, zeroing in on the needs of the industry and delivering products that help our customers meet their goals. As the industry leader in edger systems, we wanted to deliver to market an affordable and high-performing system that combines our expertise in optimized solutions with the simplicity of a manual edger system – and the Sterling YieldBoss edger system delivers on both counts”. Matt Tietz, VP & Owner at McDonough Manufacturing

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Benefits of a Sterling YieldBoss Optimized Edger

  • Optimized saw placement on every board

  • Designed to fit the footprint of a hand-fed edger system common in sawmills everywhere

  • Designed to put the saw on the correct cutpath on every piece

  • An infeed system based on the designs of our industry leading McDonough OptiFit edger system, which has been developed over years of testing and improvement, with 50+ systems in operation around the industry

The standard YieldBoss edger system includes:

  • Edger infeed belt

  • McDonough YieldBoss Hybrid Edger scanning

  • McDonough Hybrid Edger system controls

  • Two-saw McDonough YieldBoss edger

  • Edger outfeed belt

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