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McDonough Carriages

Precision and Premium Duty 36-inch, 42-inch and 48-inch Opening Carriages
3 Knee Precision Carriage Backside

McDonough Carriages are designed with accuracy and ease of maintenance in mind with state-of-the-art features you will only find on a McDonough. Standard Sizes: 36", 42", and 48" openings with custom sizes available. Precision Duty starts from 12,000 pounds and Premium Duty from 20,000 pounds. Both Premium and Precision Duty Carriages share the same features, other than the Premium being a heavier carriage.






Benefits exclusive to McDonough

Carriage servo cylinder2
  • Flat Ways are split on Headblocks to create a 21” front way for less costly & easier replacement.
  • Headblock Ways are fully machined, 1 ¼” thick Kromite for longer wear.
  • All cylinder ends have replaceable swivel bushings eliminating binding & cylinder damage.
  • Knees are made from A572 steel, a thinner and lighter steel with increased strength.
  • Dogging the log and cinching it back against the knee are done on Round Ways for 'straight line' simplicity, which prevents binding that a linkage style will cause.
  • Tong Dog made from 1 ¼” T-1 Steel (1 ½” on Premium Duty) with keyed replaceable teeth.

Additional Benefits

DSC_1014 (1)
  • Board Dog Carriages are preferred over Tong Dog Carriages because they dog the log faster and are superior to holding a smaller cant.
  • Stepped Flat Ways on Headblocks allow knee to ride on separate surface than log, to maintain accuracy.
  • All wear strips used are made from Nylatron GSM, which provides better accuracy than UHMW.
  • Frame is fully boxed and gusseted for added strength, with access holes to critical areas.
  • Knee Face Plates are only 2 ½” wide Kromite, to allow more accurate taper sawing.
  • All Board Dogs in Knee and Tong Dog are made from T-1 Steel for long lasting wear and have 1/32” clearance for accuracy, replaceable by removing one bolt per tooth.
  • 16” diameter Vee Wheel and Flat Wheels are either long lasting Polymer Composite, or T-1 Steel hardened to 320/360 Brinell.




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