Meherrin River Forest Products

Meherrin River Forest Products

In January 2021, Meherrin River Forest Products in Macon, North Carolina installed a new McDonough 6-7A Band Mill. Replacing an existing circle saw, this piece of equipment will allow them to reduce their kerf and increase their yield to make more lumber and less sawdust.

For over 100 years, McDonough has been known as the ‘bandmill company’ in the lumber industry, with more McDonough headrigs in mills than any other brand.

Meherrin River Forest Products operates three mills in Alberta, Virginia, Macon, North Carolina and Weldon, North Carolina, producing over 40 million board feet of lumber annually.

Installation: Ray Tharpe, RTM Industrial Maintenance

Photos: Vadim Kovalev, Koval Digital

Meherrin Bandmill

Meherrin Bandmill 3

meherrin bandmill 12

meherrin bandmill 9

Meherrin bandmill 4


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