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Chad Connors - entertainer, 'beer guy', and engineer

The personality that keeps the Mactaquac shop on its toes, Chad Connors is equal parts engineer and entertainer. He’s the guy most likely to show up to work with a new moustache, his Mr. Rogers or Elton John t-shirt, or purchase a salt-firing air gun to terminate houseflies. He’s also an integral part of the work we do and getting it into the customers’ mill.

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Mel's Story

Mel's Story: Elmsdale Lumber's commitment to lifelong learning

It doesn’t take long when speaking with anyone at Elmsdale Lumber Company (ELCO) or browsing their website to learn that one of the foundational principles at ELCO is their commitment to the lifelong learning of their employees. McDonough is fortunate enough to have kickstarted various projects with ELCO recently, and through our conversations over the last number of months, we began to hear about something called ‘Mel’s Story’.

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McDonough Blog guest spot: Ray Tharpe of RTM Industrial Maintenance

The driving force behind McDonough is our team – the folks in the shop and offices every day who have made it possible to produce high-quality machinery for over 130 years. Right alongside us throughout our success are the industry partners who help with our equipment installations and service calls all over the continent and world. Chief among these valued colleagues is Ray Tharpe of RTM Industrial Maintenance (RTM), who we have worked with in one capacity or another for almost 20 years.

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McDonough OptiFit edger

Linear Edger System - Alignment & Calibration

In a previous blog, we outlined the components of a linear edger system and their intended purpose. Now, we’ll take a look at the alignment and calibration of your linear edger.

To refresh, a linear edger operates under the basic principle that we can scan a piece of lumber while it is in one location and then ‘edge’ it when it reaches another, without handling it in between, by accurately predicting where it is going to be throughout the process.

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McDonough OptiFit Linear Edger

Linear Edger System - Maximizing Performance

McDonough's white paper on ‘Maximizing performance of Linear Edger Systems’, written by VP Operations Hugh Hawley over 10 years ago, has become an incredibly popular document for customers and competitors alike on how to achieve optimal linear edger performance. Today we will examine the components of a linear edger system and their overall contribution to the performance of your linear edger. In the next blog post, we will examine alignment and calibration.

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Dillon and Joe Chapman

Joe and Dillon Chapman

Joe (dad) and Dillon (son) Chapman both work in McDonough’s Canadian shop. The pair have a lot in common, a passion for the manufacturing industry, hunting and the outdoors, but working on the shop floor with your father/son can also have some challenges. One thing they always agree on, however, is their commitment to building the best machines possible.

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