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Custom edger, reman and resaw systems

McDonough Canada is completing work on an edger and reman unit project for a customer, ready to ship this month. Consisting of three custom edgers and a reman unit, the edgers are smaller than our standard edgers and are capable of handling much shorter pieces. With over 60 edger systems under our belts, McDonough can provide you with the edger you need to meet your goals and fit in your space. 

The edgers and reman unit are part of a larger breakdown solution that also includes two highly customized McDonough Horizontal Resaw systems, being built in our Eau Claire shop. Piece counts to all three edgers are expected to be very high due to the unique capacities of the resaw systems designed for this customer.
Stay tuned for more info and pictures of the resaw systems as they progress through the shop in the coming weeks.

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