Tandem Gang Linear Edger

Tandem Gang Linear Edger

McDonough’s Tandem Arbour Linear Edger edger system processes over 50 pieces per minute of random length material in a 20' southern yellow pine mill. Each sawbox lifts out of the cutpath to pre-set its saws for its next cut while the other sawbox is cutting. This allows for greatly reduced gaps and belt speed at the highest piece counts in the world.

Tandem Linear Edger

Benefits of a McDonough Tandem Gang Linear Edger

  • Fastest available piece counts of any machine on the market
  • Ability to lift out of the cutpath for reject or pass-through pieces
  • Auto lubrication of all bearings and pivot shafts
  • Thermo-couple monitoring of all arbor bearings
  • 15" touch-screen operator interface Available with optimization by the provider of your choice
  • Standard Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC platform


Available Options
  • 2, 3, or 4 saw configurations

  • Available with either of hydraulic or all electric servo actuation

  • Designed for piece thickness up to 2" at speeds of up to 1300 fpm

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