McDonough acquires B.I.D. Canada Ltd.

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"We are proud to unveil our new company logo, recognizing our expansion into Canada, and the value our team brings both North and South of the border" - Matt Tietz

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Let us show you what 130+ years of experience can do

Since 1888, McDonough Manufacturing Co. has focused on providing durable sawmill machinery, while providing the efficiency and speed required by the modern sawmill. With a focus on band mills, carriages, resaws and edgers, McDonough is the choice for the best.

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What we offer.

Introducing a new class of edgers.

Sterling YieldBoss Hybrid Edger by McDonough
Sterling 44 horizontal resaw

We have a complete line of resaw choices and options, high speed infeeds, computerized setworks and operator cabs to fit your production needs. From design, engineering, manufacturing and installation, we’ve got you covered. Learn more.


We are known as the ‘bandmill company’ in the lumber industry – that’s why you see more McDonough headrigs than any other brand. The McDonough bandmill outlasts and performs all others. Learn more.

IMG_McDonough Carriage DSC_2363

Our carriages are designed with accuracy and ease of maintenance in mind, combined with state-of-the-art features you will only find here. Before you replace or retrofit your carriage, call the professionals at McDonough - you’ll be glad you did. Learn more.

OptiFit Linear Board Edger

Our complete line of board edgers ranges from some of the fastest optimized systems in the world, to manual edgers and combination edgers for smaller mills everywhere. Our OptiFit linear edger is the most popular based on its exceptional yield, short payback and long-term durability. Learn more.

Gang Edger Systems

We have a complete selection of gang edgers available to suit any sawmill of today. McDonough can design and build the exact gang sawing solution that you need, from maximum recovery of crooked hickory and white oak logs, to high-speed thin-kerf gan solutions or manually fed gang or combination edger to boost productivity. Learn more.


McDonough supplies the forest products industry with precision engineered and built material handling equipment of all types for all applications. Whether it’s the installation of a new or used McDonough line or any other brand, your first call should be us. Learn more.

See us in action.

Check out our collection of videos to learn more about why McDonough has been an industry leader since 1888.

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A Minute with Matt


In our new Vlog series, McDonough VP/Owner Matt Tietz discusses our equipment, quality standards and maintenance tips. Stay tuned for more episodes!




Want to see what used equipment is available for purchase? Check our our hot listings before they're gone.

Parts & Service

Allen Pender is our parts guru, based on Eau Claire. Need support? Sherri will be happy to answer your call.

Tips & Tricks

Looking for some maintenance tips to keep your equipment in tiptop shape? 

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Learn more about McDonough projects in facilities around he world.


From the vault

Potter's enthusiasm underscores the fact that you have to experience the advantages of using McDonough Band Mills and Resaws before you can realize fully what an improvement McDonough quality and engineering can make in timber processing profits. 1972 McDonough ad with Potter Lumber Company

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