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Band Mill Wheel Resurfacing

We are often asked, “When should I grind my wheels?” While there is no clear cut answer, a general rule of thumb is once every 2 to 3 years if you are running a single shift or .005” wear. Some mills do it once a year and some do it once every five years. You don’t want to find yourself fighting filing room problems and find out your wheels are not flat.

To check your wheels, place a machined straight edge across the face of the wheel. Make sure you insert a feeler gauge between the wheel and the straight edge to get an exact measurement. A little light can be very deceiving when trying to estimate wear on a wheel, so we recommend using a feeler gauge. To ensure your straight edge is accurate, rotate the straight edge 180 degrees and remeasure. If the gap is more than .005”, it is time to call McDonough to assist you in grinding your wheels.


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