Optimized Transverse Edger

Optimized Transverse Edger - Board or Gang

Available as a dedicated board edger or gang, this machine can also be configured to handle both boards and cants to maximize the return on your investment in optimization and machinery at the one highly efficient machine center. With board edger piece counts of up to 40 pieces per minute, this machine is designed to drop right into your existing edger footprint with our unique short coupled outfeed system.  Dramatic increases in yield over conventional board and gang edgers make this machine a quick payback candidate for any sawmill.

Optimized Transverse Edger System, Board or Gang-1

Benefits of a McDonough Optimized Transverse Edger

  • Feed rates of up to 40 ppm in longer lengths

  • 2, 3 or 4 saw configurations

  • Available with guided or collared saws

  • Underslung feed table

  • Rugged precision linear rail and bearings on all fetchers

  • Knurled and radiused fetcher face to prevent slippage

  • Pneumatic backside piece cushioning

  • Hook table or lug chain infeed

  • Standard 15" touch-screen HMI in operator console

  • Controls system utilizing proven AB ControlLogix© platform

  • Integrates with the optimization system of your choice


Available Options
  • Available gear-belt drive

  • Configurable to handle flitches down to 4' in length or up to 4" thick

  • Optional short-coupled outfeed handles multiple saws and fits in the smallest spaces

  • Available jack-shaft arbor drive for precise rim-speed control and improved sawing variation

  • “De-tuned” hardwood knurl gives precise control without damaging lumber


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