Optimized Linear Board Edger

Optimized Linear Board Edger

McDonough has established itself as the industry leader in the optimized board edger market with all the unique design features of our linear board edger systems.  Field experience and customer consultation that is combined with careful engineering ensure our board edger is the most accurate and easiest to maintain board edger on the market.

Optimized Linear Board Edger Systems

Benefits of a McDonough Optimized Linear Board Edger

  • Top mounted sawbox for improved accuracy, increased speed, ease of maintenance and larger debris path

  • Feed rates up to 40 pieces per minute

  • Easily fed from the left, right or both sides

  • Mechanically loaded or hand-loaded flitch entry systems

  • Multi-saw configurations


Available Options
  • Collared or Guided saws
  • Electric Servo Actuators for increased speed and reduced operating cost
  • Gear-belt drive for increased speed, accuracy and reduced maintenance


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