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OptiFit Linear Board Edger

OptiFit Linear Board Edger

Designed to fit in every hardwood sawmill in the country, the McDonough OptiFit Linear Board Edger maximizes yield without having to expand your sawmill.  This board edger system will handle everything your carriage and resaw can throw at it and provide your sawmill with huge gains in yield and profitability.

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"It’s a very fast and accurate machine that is easily handling the production from our 7 ft resaw and 8' headrig while yielding us far more value from our lumber." Greg Wells VP, Greentree Forest Products
Greg Wells

Benefits of a McDonough OptiFit Linear Board Edger

  • Feed rates of up to 20 pieces per minute

  • OptiFit edger customers are seeing double digit increases in yield

  • Top mounted sawbox for improved accuracy, increased speed, ease of maintenance and larger debris path

  • Simple hand-fed design

  • Easily fed from the left, right or both sides

  • 2, 3 or 4 saw configurations

  • Proven design for sawing 4' lengths

  • Servo actuated edging separator fingers

  • Standard 15" touch-screen HMI

  • Integrates with the optimization system of your choice


  • Simple, low maintenance collared saw design
  • Electric Servo Actuators for increased speed, accuracy and reduced operating cost
  • Gear-belt drive for increased speed, accuracy and reduced maintenance
  • Available “De-tuned” hardwood knurl gives precise control without damaging lumber
  • 2" or 4" thick sawing capacity with single or stacked cylinder design
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