Curve Sawing Gangs

Curve Sawing Gangs

The McDonough Curve Sawing Gang brings rugged design and exceptional sawing accuracy and yield to both hardwood and softwood sawing applications.

Curve Sawing Gang

Benefits of a McDonough Curve Sawing Gang

Available Options
  • Sawing curvature configurable by product to maximize yield
  • All electric servo motion for industry leading curve sawing accuracy
  • Variable pocket design for timber sawing
  • Rugged round way sawbox slides ensure accuracy and performance year after year
  • Thin-kerf guided saws
  • Available designs for cants up to 10" thick
  • Feed speeds of over 500 fpm in some thicknesses
  • Standard 15" touch-screen HMI in operator console
  • Integrates with the optimization system of your choice
  • Throat widths up to 66" wide


Available Options
  • Sliding infeed module for open access to the entire sawbox
  • Fixed pocket or shifting pocket designs
  • Gear-belt drive system
  • Hydraulic press roll activation
  • 6", 8" or 10" sawing capacity

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