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Sterling 44" Horizontal Resaw

A durable and affordable Horizontal Resaw system for mills that want to take advantage of thin kerf technology without sacrificing feed rates.


  • Feature 44" — 10,000 pounds. 5" wide or less x 26’ long saw blade. KERF = .085". 60 to 75HP required.
  • 20" wide table with 18" high hold down roll capacity. Saw blade can shift to cut up to a 9" high cant.
  • Feed Rates range from 50 to over 250 feet per minute.
  • Hydraulically Operated Setting Mechanism or high speed push button servo setworks.
  • Exclusive McDonough Air Strain is the simplest, most effective system to increase feed speeds and minimize miscut lumber.
  • Cartridge Type Pressure Guide System assists in faster feed speeds and increased accuracy. Guide block dressing machine to resurface guides is included with each Band Mill.
  • Cast Iron Wheels. Preferred by saw filers because they prevent saw blades from getting hot and loosing tension, unlike steel wheels.
Sterling 44 horizontal resaw

Available Options

  • Electric remote top wheel tilt
  • Steel wheel guards
  • Motor and drive packages.
  • Infeed Tables available with Smooth Transition Chains and Turners
  • Outfeed Tables available with Lift Arm style separation or "High Speed" Sweep Chains and Tipple Arm separation
  • Complete Runaround package with Operators Cabs available