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MAXX Resaw Infeed System

In the late 1890s, Frank McDonough invented the Travelling Bed Linebar Resaw.

It revolutionized our industry.

120 years later the McDonough AutoMAXX Resaw will revolutionize hardwood sawmilling once again.

McDonough Wheeland MAXX Infeed-1

The MAXX Resaw will have:

  • Complete automation of turning, fence sets, gap control and feeding allows the operator to focus on cutting decisions and grade
  • Increased yield of your highest grade products

  • Increased line counts at equivalent feed speeds

  • Automated feeding only requires one grader/operator

  • Optimum saw feed speeds will reduce saw fatigue, while increasing saw capacity
  • PLC controlled turning, feeding and cant spacing to keep gaps to a minimum, even when changing sets
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