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Detuned Knurl

  • Larger flats to provide more surface area for contact
  • Grooving can be shallow or deep depending on your requirements
  • Commonly used in the hardwood lumber industry where surface bruising can be an issue with some species
  • Available in square cut or helical/spiral pattern

Sharp Knurl

  • Smaller flats or can be made to come right to a point as our square cut knurls are completely customizable
  • Commonly used in the softwood lumber or in machinery where higher sawing forces (gang edgers/anvil rolls) require a very positive hold on larger pieces.
  • Available in square cut or helical/spiral pattern

Smooth Knurl

  • Available with or without a turned face depending on your application requirements
  • All rollers are available as a welded, keyless bushing or weld-in hub assembly depending on your preference
  • All rolls are available with or without chrome
McDonough Detuned Knurl
Sharp Knurl
Smooth rolls-1

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