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54" Center Split Resaw

The machine that started it all for us way back in 1888. It has been continually updated over the years to provide mills with the most durable, versatile, and production-oriented Center Split you can find.


  • The heaviest weldment frame offered in this market, designed for accuracy and strength.

  • Exclusive McDonough Air Strain is the simplest, most effective system to increase feed speeds and minimize mis-cut lumber.

  • Cartridge Type Pressure Guide System assists in faster feed speeds and increased accuracy. Guide block dressing machine to resurface guides is included with each machine.

  • Cast Iron Wheels. Preferred by saw filers because they prevent saw blades from getting hot and loosing tension, unlike steel wheels.


Available Sizes
  • 54" — 10,500 pounds. 8" wide x 26’ long saw blade. 75HP to 100 HP required.
  • Hydraulically driven feed rolls available in 4 roll, or 6 roll models (5.5" x 12" Rolls).
  • Precision feedworks available for short material (2.75" x 12" Rolls).
  • feedworks center splits, gauge saws, and tilts for bevel sawing.
  • Standard feedworks capacity: 20" depth of cut; 12” feed roll opening outside of sawline and 6" feed roll opening inside sawline.
Available Options
  • Steel wheel guard
  • Sawdust pan kit for lower wheel
  • Motor and drive packages
  • Smooth chromed Infeed and outfeed rolls to assist material into feedworks
  • Spring loaded outfeed supports keep boards upright after leaving feedworks
McDonough Center Split 1 - small file-1

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