Modular Horizontal Resaw

Modular Horizontal Resaw

The ideal Resaw for mills looking for a low cost Horizontal to increase grade, production and yield. Feed rates over 200 feet per minute. Perfect for sawing cants, slabs, or multiples.


Modular Horizontal

Benefits of a McDonough Modular Horizontal Resaw

  • Electric remote top wheel tilt, steel wheel guards, motor and drive packages.
  • Infeed Tables can be equipped with hydraulic run-up chains to position material against fence, slab flippers to place slabs face down or hydraulic chain type cant turners.
  • Outfeed Tables come with lugged sweep chains to transfer material off rollcase on to separator system.
  • Outfeed table can have up to 9 different sorts by using a fully programmed PLC to create the fastest, most accurate sorting system available.


Available Sizes
  • 46" — 12,000 pounds. 5" wide x 25' long saw blades. 60 to 75 HP required.
  • 54" — 16,000 pounds. 8" wide x 30' long saw blades. 75 to 125 HP required.
  • 62" — 24,000 pounds. 10" wide x 36' long saw blades. 150 HP required.
  • Custom saw lengths can be accommodated upon request.
Available Options
  • Tandem Twin or Opposed Twin available

See it in action.

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