Gang Edger

Gang Edger

The McDonough gang edger is available with a shifting cluster and shifting linebar to allow the operator to choose both the size and location of the center cant with simple controls from the cab.

Gang Edger Systems

Benefits of a McDonough Gang Edger

  • Top, Bottom, and Double arbor configurations
  • Available as an optimized machine in both transverse and optimization configurations
  • Available configured for thin-kerf guided saws
  • Available designs for cants up to 12" thick
  • Rugged 1½" sidewall
  • Feed speeds of over 500 fpm in some thicknesses
  • Standard 15" touch-screen HMI in operator console
  • Controls system utilizing proven AB ControlLogix© platform
  • Integrates with the optimization system of your choice
  • Available designs for cants up to 10" thick
  • Throat widths up to 72" wide
  • Optimized feed table designs for both transverse and linear feed


Available Options
  • Clamshell design
  • Fixed pocket or shifting cluster designs
  • Gear-belt drive system
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic hold-down system
  • Available machined solid feed rollers
  • Available Guided or non-guided

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