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Linebar Resaw

The first Linebar was designed and built by McDonough in the 1890s. Today, McDonough has made the Linebar the ideal Resaw to increase production, grade and yield.

McDonough Manufacturing Linebar Resaw 6

Benefits of a McDonough Linebar Resaw

  • Heavy duty linebar (9,500 pounds)

  • Knurled and chromed table rolls and press rolls with 18" capacity

  • Servo setworks fence with 12" opening.

  • 24" press roll opening and 3rd press roll available Standard duty linebar (6,500 pounds)

  • Coleman type table rolls and press rolls with 12" capacity

  • Air operated RK-12 setworks with 8" opening

  • Knurled and chromed rolls, servo setworks and 3rd press roll available Tables

  • Infeed table available with chain type cant turners, thin stock lifting device, and reference stops to align cants.

  • Outfeed table available with sweep chains, pop-up splitters to separate cant from board for up to 7 sorts.


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