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Linear Bearing Top Guide

Linear Bearings are being used a lot at McDonough. We started using them on our Modular Horizontal Resaws to replace the Round Way shifting mechanism. They have worked so well that McDonough expanded the use of the Linear Bearing on our Edgers and our Band Mill Top Guides.

Top Guide maintenance should be a key area when striving to produce accurate lumber, but it is often overlooked. McDonough Engineers delivered a solution by offering an upgrade to replace the standard Gib and Way system that has been used for several years on our Top Guides, to the accurate and durable Linear Bearing Top Guide. This upgrade can be supplied with any new Band Mill or can be quoted for your existing Top Guide. Maintenance will be greatly reduced and the accuracy from your Top Guide will be precise.

This upgrade is particularly important for those mills wanting to move their Top Guide automatically with Linear Positioning cylinders. This creates a lot more wear and tear than a conventional, operator controlled Top Guide and the Linear Bearing Top Guide is strongly recommended for this application.

McDonough Manufacturing Top Guide Hyd hose and tubing 1

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