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Adding a linear edger to existing McDonough equipment

McDonough Manufacturing was very pleased to have been chosen to supply an optimized linear edger system to Gutchess Lumber for recent installation at their Freedom, NY location. As all of our customers know, operating in a very competitive log market means that making the most of every piece is critical to success. For that reason, hardwood and softwood manufacturers alike are putting their trust in McDonough to get that job done right.

McDonough’s attention to the details of the feed system design along with the proven accuracy of our electric servo saw positioning combine to provide the highest yields possible for our customers. Learn more about the critical design features of the McDonough linear edger in our Linear Edger Guide.

One of the challenges for this project is that the team at Gutchess, Freedom wanted the system to combine the comfort of an operator cab with the ability to turn and grade pieces on the edger infeed at high speeds. Working with the team at Gutchess, the engineers at McDonough were able to put together a system that is easily handling the mill output and is already showing huge payback in terms of product yield.

Gutchess, Freedom also runs two McDonough Carriages and Headrigs, a 6’ Linebar Resaw, and a 62” Horizontal Resaw. McDonough is proud to have been part of a project that will help to solidify the jobs of so many and in turn will support the Gutchess mill and community around it for years to come.

About Gutchess Lumber

Founded in 1904, Gutchess Lumber was started by George Gutchess on a small farm in upstate New York. Over the last 116 years, Gutchess has become a leading lumber producer of premium northern hardwoods with a commitment to quality in all that they do. Now in its fifth generation, Gutchess has seven locations operating in New York and Pennsylvania, producing more than 90 million feet annually.

As an employee stock ownership company, Gutchess counts 400 employee owners across its locations, recognizing the impact their business has on the communities where they are located. Understanding the importance of environmental responsibility, Gutchess has been practicing sustainable forestry for over a century based on proven science and recommended harvesting cycles.

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