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Bandmill Wheel Bearing Grease Schedule

One of the most common issues we see arise is that of improper Wheel Bearing greasing. The wheels are the heart of the Band Mill and must be a priority. Almost all bearing failures occur because of contamination. Care must be taken to keep zerk fittings clear from all contaminants before applying grease. Carefully replace any fitting that cannot be completely cleaned of all residue. Even microscopic sawdust will cause imperfections in the rollers and races of a bearing causing failure.

Here are the key items you should know:

  • Timken Drive Wheel Bearings: Grease once every 10,000 hours (that's only once every 5 years for single shift operations)
  • FAG or SKF Idler Wheel Bearings: Grease once every 2 months (single shift usage)
  • McDonough recommends Mobil SHC220 Premium Quality Synthetic based Lithium Complex Grease.
  • Normal operating temperatures: Timken Drive Wheel = 165 to 185 degrees. FAG or SKF Idler Wheel Bearings = 120 to 145 degrees.

Note: After you grease a Bearing, it will run hotter than normal until the Bearing purges out the excess grease.