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Four Saw Optimized Edger system

In August 2020, a new McDonough Four Saw Optimized Linear Edger system was installed and began operation at AJD Forest Products in Grayling, Michigan. This machine system is designed to handle a piece count of up to 35 pieces per minute and utilizes a single zone scanning system.

This new edger line replaced manual edging operations with an entirely new edging system designed to handle all of the mill’s production through one machine. Installed offline, this system included new accumulation and lumber handling ahead of the edger to improve mill flow and increase storage. The new edger is expected to show significant increases in volume yield for the mill in addition to providing the ability to manufacture fixed width products or random width automatically based on market price.

Thank you for the installation support from:

  • Mechanical Support – RTM Industrial Maintenance Inc. (Ray Tharpe)
  • Electrical / Programming / Controls Support - Articulate Control Solutions LLC (Aaron Raley)
  • Optimization – Nelson Brothers Engineering (Jeff Nelson)
  • Equipment Installation - Force LLC (Morgan Neilson / Frank Checks)

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Known for their reputation, quality and long-standing customer base, AJD Forest Products in Grayling, Michigan has been producing high-grade red oak, hard and soft maple, aspen, ash and basswood since 1974. AJD is the Lake States’ largest producer of quality industrial hardwood lumber, serving Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Ontario (Canada). Learn more: https://www.ajdforestproducts.com/.

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